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Our mobile Automotive Locksmith service designed to be a dealer alternative by assisting you getting a cost effective on-site car key replacement. In 20 years, the automotive industry has been catching up to technology and becomes more than just a ride.

With advanced security features, it is getting harder and harder to steal a car, or car components, most car stereos are now an integral part of the vehicle security system and when removed, it will stop working,

However, getting a replacement car key, or even a copy – requires more than just a key machine and some brass. The transponder keys has a programmable chip that needs to be synced to your vehicle before it can be started. This requires variety of key-blanks/ smart keyless fobs, transponder chips, knowledge in computers and good hands. That also comes with a higher price tag than a basic key.

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Why Choose Our Service

  • Same day service for most vehicles
  • Large key inventory
  • Program latest car keys & fobs
  • Experienced locksmith on site
  • High security transponder keys
  • Toyota/ Lexus Smart Key
  • Nissan Intelligent Key
  • Domestic Keys & Fobs for early and latest models