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Why call a locksmith

If your keys locked in your car, whether left in the ignition switch, forgot on the driver/ passenger seat or even if you left them inside your trunk and closed it – and if you don’t have a spare key or a way to get to your spare key, then you need to call a good local locksmith.

Using the right tools for the job, a locksmith can unlock your car without any dents, scratches or damages in a timely manner and for a basic service fee. Call Maricopa Lock & Key to get your car unlocked professionally.

Maricopa Lock & Key, LLC

By using a local Maricopa Locksmith you choose a locally owned and operated locksmith business in Maricopa. We are skilled, experienced and insured locksmith outfit servicing Casa Grande & The City of Maricopa.

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Locked Keys in Trunk

Locking your keys inside your car trunk may be more expensive than you think. By unlocking the driver/ passenger door, the anti theft system could be triggered, disabling the trunk release button. Therefore, those cars requires the locksmith to bypass the anti-theft system in order to retrieve the keys, either electronically or mechanically, by using an emergency key.

Please note that additional fee may be charged for this service.

Hire us for the job

We have over 10 years experience as locksmiths working in the roadside assistance industry. We work with both insurance and motor club membership associations on top of our local Pinal County customers.

We are more than capable to unlock your vehicle. Let our experts unlock your car fast and at the right price. We provide hassle and damage free car door unlocking service throughout The City of Maricopa and Casa Grande, Arizona.

Trust Maricopa Lock & Key experts to unlock your car safely and promptly. Please be advised that a proof of verification required in order to get the service done.

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