Why you should call a locksmith if you lost your Chevy Impala key

by Maricopa Lock & Key

Losing your Chevy key can be more expensive than you think! Part of the new security protocol requires two programmed keys to reset your vehicle immobilizer and close the programming cycle. Now, if you lost your only Chevy key that means that you’ll be required to purchase two keys in order to start your vehicle.

Program Chevy Impala Key Locksmith Near Me
Program Chevy Key (Locksmith)

Program it yourself! How to program your Chevy key or Push to Start fob without using any tools

To program your Chevy keyless fob you can choose between a locksmith, dealer or even do it yourself. If you choose to do it yourself, take your ID and car registration/ title to a local Chevy dealer and get two new keys/ fobs before your proceed.

This may take some footwork and a friend who can drives you around, but is also probably the cheapest way to get a Chevy key replacement.

Follow the instructions on the videos or use this great step by step guide.

Locked out? Call a Pro

Locking your key inside your car can be upsetting and time consuming. If you have roadside coverage, contact your roadside club or insurance company and give them your vehicle location. Otherwise, you can hire a nearby locksmith who will be happy to work. Do not attempt to unlock it yourself as you may damage your vehicle. Bending your door frame may lead to water leak and decrease in your a/c and heater performance.

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