What situations requires Rekeying your locks?

by Maricopa Lock & Key

Commercial, Residential & Automotive Rekeying service by Maricopa Lock & Key LLC in The City of Maricopa and Casa Grande, AZ. 

The most common rekey is shortly after closing. New construction, remodel or a standard real estate transaction involving more people than you may assume. Some or all of the agents had access to the key at one point, maybe contractors or sub contractors who worked on your property. It may also be an ex, a previous tenant of an old friend or family member who doesn’t even know you’re moved. Ironically, it can also be the neighbor next door.

When a tenant is moving in or out of a property, they normally either re-key or request the property to be rekeyed by a local locksmith prior or close to the move in date.

Separation, especially legal separation, requires both sides to respect the other side private life. However, it often happens that a person that lived at a house over 10 years is having hard time accepting he can no longer show up.. Schedule service now by calling (520) 582-5695 and connect with one of our local Maricopa locksmiths.

Restaurants, Movie Theater, Local shops and offices often holds trademark secrets, equipment or protected records. Always make sure that only current employees has access to your property by rekeying the locks frequently.

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