Residential Door Hardware Repair in Maricopa, AZ

by Maricopa Lock & Key

If you live in Maricopa, AZ than you probably noticed the consistent installed door hardware in Maricopa the sub-divisions. It doesn’t mean that if one neighbor experienced problem with their door lock than you should expect it, too.

Subdivisions In Maricopa Az

It does mean, however, that multiple properties using equivalent hardware may experience similar issues over time.

You can get locked out!

Broken door latch can prevent you from opening your house door and potentially can get you locked out or even worse – get you the feeling that you are trapped at home. Changing a latch is easy! All you have to do is to remove your door lever/ knob, then remove the old latch and replace it with a new one. Lastly, install the door lever/ knob and test it.

Broken Weiser Latch Replacement

What if your Door Hardware line was discontinued

Different hardware is available through different resources and even if six box stores no longer stock this part, try a local locksmith or even local hardware shop.

Repairs are better than replacement parts, because replacement parts often requires you to modify the door or the door frame. It could be small paint touch up (But how can you match the door color, right?), modification or door alignment due to a different size or style latch that came with the new lock.

Cant Open Front Door Locksmith In Maricopa

Pinal County Locksmith

Our locksmith service available in Maricopa but not only there. We service Pinal County, AZ and some cities in Maricopa county as well.

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