On-site Suzuki VS800 Key Replacement

by Maricopa Lock & Key

Maricopa Lock & Key offers cost effective, prompt and reliable Motorcycle key replacement service is Arizona.

Our key replacement includes at least one local locksmith that will drive to your Suzuki VS800 location and will cut a replacement key for it.

The process of making a new motorcycle key for your Suzuki VS800 can take up to 60 minutes and involved removing your ignition switch.

Lost Suzuki Vs800 Key Locksmith
Lost Suzuki Vs800 Key Replacement (Motorcycle Locksmith)

How much does a locksmith charges to make a new motorcycle key

A replacement Motorcycle Key can be made even without your original key. To make a new key, a locksmith will have to decode one of the locks or use a manufacturer key code to re-make a lost key.

There are different methods to make a replacement key if your Suzuki key is missing. Each method requires different tools, experience and time. This why it is hard to give a fixed price for all motorcycle key replacement.

However, you can use our free cost calculator to get a custom quote for your Motorcycle key replacement.

Service area

Our service area includes Pinal County and some parts of Maricopa County in Arizona.

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