On-Site Jeep Key Replacement Service near you

by Maricopa Lock & Key

Our Jeep Key & Locksmith services includes the following on-site locksmith services for your Jeep:

  • Lost Jeep Key Replacement (Get instant Estimate)
  • Jeep ignition switch repair
  • Unlock Jeep vehicles (Emergency locksmith)
  • Repair & rekey Jeep locks
  • Fix Broken Jeep key
  • Copy Jeep Key
  • Program Jeep Key /Key fob
Jeep Locksmith Near Me
Jeep – Locksmith and Key Replacement Service

Jeep Key Replacement

Use our FREE Cost Calculator to get Instant Quote for your Jeep key replacement. Our service includes a trip charge fee, key code/parts/ labor and programming costs. The services available to customers without any key to their Jeep. For key duplication and other automotive locksmith services please call (520) 582-5695.

Copy Jeep Key

For key duplication and programming services call (520) 582-5695 to speak to a local locksmith.

Keys purchased online can be cut and programmed by our locksmith with accepting any liability or providing warranty. Fee paid for those services is non-refundable and used to cover the cost of a single programming token.

If your keys are locked inside

Jeep door frame and the setup of the door is very different than most cars, which makes standard lockout methods a bit irrelevant. As locksmiths, we try to pick your lock, causing no harm to your Jeep in the process.

Jeep Ignition won’t turn?

Your Jeep key may be worn out, and if that case you should contact a local locksmith to make a new Jeep key. Alternatively, your ignition switch may be failing or about to fail and it’s time to replace it.

We rekey your ignition switch to your existing key so you will not have to carry multiple keys to your Jeep.

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