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Professional locksmith now offering fast & prompt mailbox lock replacement in The City of Maricopa and nearby cities. If you are moving into a community with a shared mail-kiosk or if you live in one and lost your mailbox key, you can trust us to replace the lock at no time.

Once you have decided to hire a locksmith for the job, call Maricopa Lock & Key and get a new USPS approved lock installed on your mailbox.

Please note that you may be asked to provide a state issued ID and a recent mail with your address, in order for us to provide you with an excellent service.

Maricopa Lock & Key can assist in such situations and provide you with an on-site solution for multiple scenarios:

  • Change mailbox lock (new home)
  • Lock replacement
  • Rental property mailbox replacement with each tenant move in/out.
  • Old lock removal by using a key, manipulate or force open the mailbox lock.
  • Certified USPS Mailbox lock with 3 keys

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Locking mailboxes effectively prevent theft of incoming mail. They must meet the same functional requirements as standard mailboxes and must be approved by the postmaster.

  • Slots for incoming mail must be at least 1.75 inches high by 10 inches wide.
  • Protective flaps on locking mailboxes must be oriented inward so that mail carriers can place mail into the slot without additional effort.
  • Locking mailbox slots must be large enough to hold the resident’s normal daily volume of mail.
  • Slots must also be large enough to accommodate unfolded US Priority Envelopes.
  • Locks cannot be used on contemporary or traditional mailbox designs.
  • USPS carriers do not open locked mailboxes and do not accept mailbox keys.

Source: A Guide to USPS Mailbox Regulations

We come to you in Maricopa, AZ and nearby cities (view service area).

Prompt & Friendly Service.


We’re a local locksmith company and not affiliate with USPS. and provide local locksmith service in Maricopa, AZ.We can assist you replace your mailbox locks and deliver new set of keys.

Any use of the word USPS in this article was for the purpose of describing services associated with those locks only.

If you wish to have your lock replaced by a local USPS post-man, contact your local USPS office and arrange for the lock to be replaced that way.

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