Lost Suzuki Hayabusa Key Replacement service (Locksmith)

by Maricopa Lock & Key

Maricopa Lock & Key offers a mirific key replacement service for your Suzuki Hayabusa in our service area.

We make replacement keys without the original, by decoding one or more of your Suzuki Hayabusa locks (Ignition, Gas Tank, seat lock or combination of two or more locks).

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Lost Hayabusa Key

Replacing your Busa key doesn’t have to be as expensive as replacing all the locks on your bike, or as messy. This is why hiring a local locksmith to make a new key is the most economic choice.

However, if you feel that your key was stolen and you want to get a completely different key for your bike, purchasing new set of locks may be a good choice, but you will still need a key to remove the old locks without damaging your bike.

Locksmith Cost Calculator

You can use our locksmith cost calculator to get instant quote for your Suzuki Hayabusa key replacement (Available exclusively in our service area).

Let us tell you a bit about the process

To make a key for your Suzuki, our locksmiths will use one of the following methods:

  • From a key tag (the original key ring should include a key tag with your bike key code)
  • Pick/ Decode your Hayabusa ignition lock
  • Pick and disassemble your gas tank or seat lock visually inspect the wafers
  • Impress a key from your Suzuki ignition switch (not recommended – we only use it on rare occasions)

Each method is different and requires different tools, skills and experience to successfully execute each time. The average key making process for a Suzuki Hayabusa is 15-30 minutes for an experience locksmith.

“I’m convinced!” Give me an Instant Estimate to replace my Motorcycle key

Maybe you ride a Suzuki, maybe it’s a Yamaha or Kawasaki. Perhaps it’s a 4 wheeler or a Small Honda Scooter. Whatever it is – we’ll get instant quote for you, with option to get a copy to your email (lock your price!)

Hiring a locksmith? Documents you must provide at time of service

In order to receive service you will requested to prove ownership to the bike. Unfortunately, we cannot work with anyone other the bike owner.

Bike owner should have valid Driver License and updated registration or the title in hand to receive service.

I had a new key made for my motorcycle.
I had called all over. Even the honda dealer
could not help me. But when I call Maricopa lock and key I found the help I needed. With Fast friendly and professional service. They made my new keys in a matter of minutes. And it was not just make a copy I had lost my key and he made me a new in minutes. And when it came Time to pay the bill he charged me less than the estimate. So I got a extra copy made and it was still under the original estimate. Great guy great job would recommend and differently would use again

John R (Chandler, AZ)

Where do we work

Motorcycle key replacement service in Maricopa, AZ – now available in the East Valley (Mesa, Ahwatukee, Casa Grande, Maricopa, Gilbert, Chandler, San Tan Valley, Queen Creek and many more).

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