Lost suzuki GSX-R key Replacement

by Maricopa Lock & Key

Lost Suzuki gsxr key replacement service in Maricopa, AZ. Unlike cars, motorcycle companies does not store their key codes in a database, making it hard to originate a replacement key in case of lost or stolen key. Most dealers will suggest you buy a whole new set of locks (Ignition, Gas Cap and seat lock). Can a locksmith offer a better solution? 

Lost Suzuki GSX-R Key

If your Gixxer key was lost or stolen, call to a local motorcycle locksmith and save money. We make replacement motorcycle key  in about 30 minutes or less.

A locksmith will not replace your original locks, but will make a replacement key that will be an exact replica of your lost key.

It’s very important, however, to verify that the locksmith that you choose is experienced and knows how to work on motorcycle locks. Unlike house locks, or even car locks, the wafers in your bike are very thin and made of brass. Trying to impress the key by an unskilled locksmith can damage your wafers.

A better way is to progress to the ignition through the gas cap lock, or using a lock reader tools to re-generate the key.

Motorcycle Locksmith

Maricopa Lock & Key specialized in automotive and motorcycle locks and keys. We can assist you originate replacement keys to your bike. If you need a key replacement, call us! We LOVE working on Suzuki bikes, we guarantee our work and will be happy to assist you.

Please Note!

If you need a motorcycle key replacement – Please be the bike owner or have the bike owner presence with valid Driver license, Registration and Insurance card. We have to verify ownership BEFORE we make you the key.

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