Lost Nissan Key Replacement

by Maricopa Lock & Key

Nissan Car Keys vary and can be divided to 4 main groups. The specific key can be determined based on your Nissan year & model. Groups are classic Nissan Keys, Nissan fixed and rotating pin transponder key, a twist knob proximity key or a Nissan intelligent key (i-Key).

In order to obtain a replacement Nissan car key you will need to either tow your vehicle to the nearest Nissan dealership or to find a locksmith near you, preferably a mobile one.

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Lost Nissan Car Key Replacement – Get your FREE ESTIMATE

A mobile locksmith or a car locksmith is usually a more cost effective solution than the dealership when it comes to any vehicle lockout (if you have locked your keys inside your car) or a replacement Nissan car key.

Lost Nissan Key Fob Replacement
Lost Nissan Key Fob Replacement

Nissan Key Fob Replacement

Nissan latest models are all keyless already. Cargo vans and some of the very basic models may still use a key, but most models like the Altima or Maxima and even Pathfinders models are all using i-key, Nissan’s keyless smart fob.

The cost to program a replacement Nissan fob ranges from $125 to $400. Your location combined with your Nissan model and year helps set a final price. In the future Nissan may join the phone-controlled devices revolution and make this key its last, and maybe it’s only a milestone in the history of keys made Nissan, time will tell. But as of fo now, the intelli-key is Nissan’s latest key technology, key that can be made by a local car locksmith near you.

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Lost Nissan Key Replacement
Lost Nissan Key Replacement

Nissan Chip Keys

Programming the chip in the key to your vehicle helps reduce car thefts. This is why losing a key to your car requires towing your Nissan to the nearest dealership or hiring a locksmith near you that can make car keys.

The transponder chip system for 2000 – 2010 Nissan Models had minor changes (fixed pin code versus rotating pin code).
Most 2000 – 2010 Nissan Altima, Maxima, Sentra, Frontier, Quest, Juke, NV200 and Pathfinder models equipped with this transponder system and requires to successfully program a key to start the vehicle. This means that even if you purchased a key at the dealership and took it to your car, it will not start the vehicle. The key can be used to unlock and lock the doors, but trying to start the vehicle with un-programmed key will not work and may activate the car anti-theft mode.

Classic Nissan Keys

Older Nissan/ Datsun models are still out there. To get a key made for a vintage Nissan, replace all the locks yourself (Doors, Trunk, Ignition switch), let a local auto shop or a dealer do it, or – call a mobile locksmith near you.

Why choose us

  • TIME – Changing your locks takes longer than it will take a locksmith to make a key to a car.
  • PRICE – Making a key to your car requires locksmith tools and skills while replacing the locks requires the same just about the same skills with parts.
  • ORIGINAL PARTS – Hiring a Car locksmith to make a key for your Nissan ensures that the original parts remain on the vehicle, while replacing the locks may or may not work as a long term solution.

For vintage Nissan models we offer complete rekeying and key replacement service by a local locksmith in Maricopa and Casa Grande.

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