Lost 2010 Kawasaki Ninja Key

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How to Replace Lost Kawasaki Ninja Key

Call Maricopa Lock & Key if you have lost your Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle Key. We can re-make your key even without the original key. What else..? It’s not that expensive at all! 

If you’ve lost your only Kawasaki key and need a replacement, what options do you have and which one is the nest for you?

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Kawasaki Key Codes

There are no key codes available for Kawasaki motorcycles at this time. There are code series, which helps eliminate the options for the final key, but there are no key codes by VIN.

Lost Kawasaki Ninja Key

Motorcycle Locksmith

When you trust a local motorcycle locksmith, you will get a trusted & reliable locksmith who will originate a new key within minutes. Once the gas cap has been successfully disassembled from the bike, the locksmith can take it apart and get to the cylinder (As shown below).

Once the cylinder is out, the locksmith can read some of the cuts on the key and progress the key until he gets all the cuts for the ignition lock. For a trained & experienced locksmith, making a replacement Kawasaki key is a matter of minutes. For the fly-by-night locksmiths, it’s a matter of 3 hours (and counting). We know how much you care for your bike. We respect it and appreciate the opportunity to work with you. Hire a professional locksmith if you need a replacement key, You won;t regret it. This day has been horrible for you so far, don’t make it worse by trusting the wrong locksmith outfit. You want the job professionally done? hire a professional.