Commercial Locksmith Rekey

by Maricopa Lock & Key

Maricopa Lock & Key offers professional lock rekeying, upgrades and service in Arizona. For individual properties, we invite you to use our rekeying locks cost calculator. For multiple properties rekeying service, contact us to set up a corporate account.

Corporate & Business Accounts

Corporate accounts are billed 30 days after the job is done and pay a custom amount to rekey their locks.

  • Realtors and Real Estate Agents
  • Property Management Companies
  • Bank Owned Properties
  • Apartment Complex
  • Multi-unit Property
  • Airbnb Property Rekey
  • Rental Property Rekey
  • Occupied/ Vacant units Rekey
Residential locksmith rekey in The City of Maricopa and Casa Grande

Professional Rekey Service for Corporate & Business Customers.

Additional services

Lock Rekeying is only one of our services, one out of many. Beside rekeying your locks, we fix leaking door closers, can assist you with changing your locks, upgrading your locks and home security, install windows and childproof locks or add keypad and proximities card entry systems.

Key Control

We offer key control and master key systems for apartment complex and multi-door properties in Pinal County, AZ.

We invite property management companies and real estate agents to get a custom estimate from us to rekey your property.

Custom and economical solutions for high maintenance properties.

Rekey Locks without Keys

While rekeying the locks, it is vital to have a working key in order to successfully remove the cylinder. Without a working key, the locksmith will have to pick open your lock, or replace it. Consult with your local locksmith before you change your locks.

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