Locksmith Arizona City

by Maricopa Lock & Key

Maricopa Lock & Key is a local service provider in Pinal County and we deliver professional locksmith service in Arizona City, AZ. Below you will find our available services in Arizona City and contact information.

Residential Locksmith in Arizona City

Rekeying, or, Changing your house locks requires you to disassemble your lock hardware and take it to the nearest hardware store or contact a local mobile locksmith near you.

We offer the most cost effective house rekey service in Arizona City, AZ and we provide both upfront pricing and unparalleled flexibly in scheduling.

Our services available during our standard working hours and we invite you to contact us if you need to rekey your house locks in Arizona City, AZ.

Let Maricopa Lock & Key service your house locks today! We can change them or simply retire the old key and rekey the lock to accept a new key
House Keys (Arizona City, AZ)

Should you Rekey your Locks

The first reason to rekey your locks is because you don’t know who, besides you, has a copy of your house key. Then there’s rekeying after buying a new home, after breakup/ legal separation, roommate or tenant turnover and vacant properties.

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Automotive Locksmith in Arizona City, AZ

Although we are thrilled to rekey your home locks, we wanted to inform you that we are also a full automotive locksmith company and can help you with replacement car key, car rekey, ignition rekey, ignition repair, broken key extraction, program car key, program car fob and smart key programming.

Additionally, we offer emergency locksmith service in case your keys are locked inside your car.

How much does it cost to make a replacement car key?

The average cost to replace a lost car key cost is $150. However, smart keys and fob keys can cost even twice or more of this price. To make sure you’re not overpaying for anything, we have made a car key cost calculator. It’s not perfect but it’s a great start to know what to expect when losing a car key.

Car Keys Made in Arizona City, AZ

If you need a locksmith near you to get a car key made, call Maricopa Lock & Key now and speak to a local car locksmith in Maricopa.

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Motorcycle Locksmith in Arizona City, AZ

Lastly, we offer top notch mobil locksmith service if you lost the key for your bike! We make keys for Harley Davidson, Honda, Aprilia, Victory, Triumph, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Buell and many other brands.

<< Try our Motorcycle Key Cost Calculator >>

We believe that service should be prompt, reliable and affordable in order to be a valuable alternative to our customers. We built some cool tools that allows you to build your own quote and schedule an appointment when it is best for you! For emergencies and immediate response call (520) 582-5695.

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