How to replace lost motorcycle key

Motorcycle Keys


How to get a new Motorcycle key made

In order to make a replacement key for most bikes, you will need the assistance of an experienced locksmith. The alternative is replacing all the locks yourself or by using an auto shop. Here’s why and when you should use a locksmith.

How to get a replacement motorcycle key locksmithOn some Motorcycles, you can find your key code as explained in this article, while on others you will have to replace all the locks or contact a lock locksmith to make a new key.


Most motorcycle keys does not have a transponder (chip) inside and are really basic old fashioned keys. They are different in shape and style, different key way for each manufacturer of course, but other than that – there is no significant difference between the different keys and the way they work.

Few words about the process

A locksmith has multiple options to remake a lost key for your bike, some easier than other. We price our key replacement service by the average time requires for each job, trip charge fee and the price for the key blank. Although we may change the estimate on site, it is really rare and we hardly required to to do.



Lost your key? FREE online cost calculator by year & model.


There are 3 techniques to make a lost motorcycle key replacement: Key code (Some), Lock Decoder (Reading the key directly from the ignition lock) or by taking one of the locks apart and reading the wafers.

Each locksmith works with what he is most comfortable with. We like to take things apart. It works good for us and leaves almost zero room for mistakes, since we physically examine each wafer.

By taking apart the gas cap lock, we are able to get most of the cuts required for your ignition switch, as shown below.

For the majority of bikes, anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

Anywhere from $100 – $175 to make replacement key for most motorcycles (Harley Davidson included).

Verification & Proof of Ownership

We require the presence of the bike legal owner at time of service with state issued ID and either bill of sale with a signed title, recent registration or a valid title At time of service.

Years, Models & Service area

we service Maricopa, Arizona and its nearby cities, Chandler, Casa Grande & Mobile. Our service includes one on-site key replacement and is available by appointment. Brands that we service are Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Harley Davidson, Buell, Aprilia, Kawasaki, Triumph and more.