How to Get a Replacement Ford key

by Maricopa Lock & Key
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How to get a replacement Ford key?


Maricopa Lock & Key offers Ford car key replacement and auto locksmith service in The City of Maricopa, AZ and it surrounding cities. Casa Grande, Mobile & Chandler.

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                  Total:      $190  

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* Prices on website may not be updated. For accurate price based on your vehicle make, year, model and location, please contact us.

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Replacement  Ford Keys & Smart Fobs in Maricopa, AZ

Ford keys, remotes and keyless fobs available from 1998 and up. We stock most of the keys, and offer prompt and cost effective response around The City of Maricopa & Casa Grande. Additionally, we offer service in Chandler, AZ. (by appointment only)

Why you may be required to purchase 2 keys

Few Ford models required two keys in order to reset the immobilizer, if all keys are lost. So If you’re down to only one key, make a spare now and save money down the road.

Flexible pricing (Year & Model based formula)

As technology progress, we no longer offer flat rate for Ford key replacement. Call us with your Ford model & year, answer few questions and get a competitive quote from us.


Buying keys from unknown sources can be frustrating. They don’t always look, feel or work as expected. They are, however, cheaper than any OEM equivalent key. We offer key cutting and programming for customer provided keys, with no refund policy.

If your key did not work or due to our attempt to program a faulty key, your car computer was damaged or the other key did not work, we hold no liability. If you’re willing to accept the risks and take the chance, we will be there to help.


Contact us for a Replacement key. Our 2019 top selling Ford keys:

  • Pickup (F150/250/350)
  • Edge
  • Explorer
  • Fusion
  • Ranger
  • Mustang
  • Focus
  • Fiesta
  • Escape
  • Flex



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