How to get a Chevy Cruze Key Replacement

by Maricopa Lock & Key

Losing a key is only one reason to get a new car key for your Chevy Cruze. But, a problem with an existing key or even a stolen car key can be also considered reasons to get a car key replacement.

How to Get a new Chevy Cruze Key

The dealer, of course, will be your first choice. Any GM Dealer should potentially be able to help you get a key replacement for your Chevy Cruze (GM, GMC, Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac).

Alternatively, you can choose to work with a nearby car locksmith in your area. In my opinion, the advantages that locksmiths hold over dealerships are in response time, price and mobility. With most locksmiths you are first in line, while at the dealership you may need to schedule a service appointment or wait at the lobby. Pricing are individual per business but can be compared and even matched. Get an estimate from the dealer and get at least two more estimates from local car locksmiths near you before making your final decision. Lastly, a mobile locksmith near you saves you both towing, transportation costs and car downtime.

How to get into a Chevy Cruze without keys

If you have OnStar installed in your car, you can follow the instructions on their page, otherwise, you should contact a mobile locksmith in your area that will promptly unlock your vehicle.

The cost of losing your Chevy Cruze key

Car key replacement rates and service fees are different in different service areas and with different service providers. If your car is located in Pinal County, AZ and you need to hire a local car locksmith near Casa Grande or Maricopa, please use our online car key cost calculator to build a custom quote and schedule an appointment.

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