How to Fix Honda Ignition Switch

by Maricopa Lock & Key

What can you do when your Honda ignition suddenly won’t turn anymore? Who can you call and is there a cheaper solution then towing the car to Honda Dealer? (Yes, there is!)

Honda Ignition Problems

Honda ignition

In most of its ignition switches, Honda is using split wafers  system. That means the in order to make a single wafer, two half of a wafer are being attached.

Those wafers are very sensitive to dust & dirt, although this is not the main issue. That would be that they are worn out over time. The wafer has a tiny tip that is being “shaved” by the key over long period of time.

By connecting two half of a wafer together, a single wafer is being made. In this wafer – the key can slide in. However, as soon as one of the tips is worn out, it’s getting harder and harder to get the ignition switch to turn and you may find yourself juggling the key in the ignition in a failed attempt to make it turn.

Honda wafers

 Honda models that can be at risk

Honda ignition won't turn
  • Civic Ignition Problems
  • Pilot Ignition Problems
  • Accord Ignition Problems
  • CR-V Ignition Problems
  • Oddyssey Ignition Problems
  • Element Ignition Problems

Honda ignition repair service

Honda ignition wafers

Most dealers (if not all) will suggest a new ignition switch (and to replace all the locks in your Honda). Not only that you will end up paying MUCH MORE to replace the locks in your car, but you will also lose a VERY valuable asset – Making replacement Honda key from the car VIN.

Most Honda dealers will not take the time to pull the ignition out and fix it. It’s faster and more convenient to replace all the locks in the car (Between $900 – $1,200 + Towing).

But, you must wonder, what else can be done?

A cheaper solution than the dealer, will be using a local automotive locksmith. A local locksmith will provide on-site service and will come to your car, at about half  of the price at the dealership. If you are looking for a Honda ignition repair service, you’ll probably get a better deal from a local car locksmith.

A car locksmith will pull the ignition switch, replace the worn out wafers with new one.
Most locksmiths will also clean and lubricant your ignition switch and install new springs as part of the deal.

Honda Logo

In many cases, the key has already been damaged by the bad wafer(s). You can spot the deep engraving marks on the blade. To avoid future damage, Ask the locksmith n site make new keys for you.

Honda Ignition Repair – How long does it takes

With no complications, you ignition can be repaired on site in less than one hour. Some models will require more time than other, due to design changes. While removing the ignition switch, the wheel may get locked, causing a rare, but possible complication that will end up with removing the whole ignition switch assembly and re-setting the locking pin.

Honda ignition repair cost

Dealer cost – $1,200

Locksmith cost – $400

How can I find a local car locksmith?

Contact us now to schedule a fast, same day service to have your Honda ignition repaired.

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