How much does it cost to rekey a house

by Maricopa Lock & Key

If you ever purchased a home, rented it out or used it as a tenant – then you should already know that you should’ve re-keyed or replace your locks before you move in, to ensure you are the only person with a key to your home.

Although lock hardware backup up by many major brands (i.e. Kwikset, Yale, Schlage, Weiser, Defiant, Ashley Norton, Baldwin, etc.), the lock basic functions never changed, making the brand of your installed hardware should not affect the final cost of your house locks re-key, with few exceptions:

  1. Mixed Hardware – If your locks using multiple keyways and you wish to change them to a single key, you may need to replace some of your locks to match the keyway.
  2. Non-standard Hardware – Keypads, Double sided locks, custom hardware or even accessibility issues may increase your house rekey cost.
Locksmith Rekey Locks in Maricopa and Casa Grande, AZ.
Locksmith moving a Keyed Lever in Casa Grande, AZ before Re-Keying it to a new key

Best time to Rekey your Home

There is no consistent answer to this question, mostly since Rekeying your home a personal preference. You can have your locks rekeyed at different times and fo various reasons:

  • Rekey locks after closing
  • Tenant move in/ move out
  • Legal Seperation
  • Broken/ Damaged Lock
  • Lost or misplaced House Key
  • Too many people has a copy of your current House key
  • Post Construction / Remodeling

Upfront Pricing: Why should it be important to you?

With locksmith scams on the rise, it is sometimes hard to find a local trustworthy locksmith in Maricopa and Casa Grande. Unfortunately, many fly by night companies are using fake local pages and fraudulent click activity.

Unlike other locksmiths that serve Casa Grande, AZ and its nearby cities – We don’t need to come to your home in order to give you a quote. We understand locks and have only few questions before we can give you an estimate.

Take a quick look at the video below and find out how much does it cost to have your home rekeyed.

Build your own estimate Now!

Get an Estimate

Ready to re-key your house locks? Great! it’s time to build your own house rekey cost estimate now. With our cost calculator, you’ll get a fair estimate.

Please note:

  • locks without a key needs to be picked by a professional locksmith before they can be rekeyed. If you do not have a working key to all of your locks, additional fees may apply.
  • To rekey Keypad or designer locks (i.e. Ashley Norton) we may charge additional fee.

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