Honda Accord Key Replacement Service in Casa Grande, AZ

by Maricopa Lock & Key

Our locksmiths report that making a replacement key for the Accord is one of their most favorite jobs, Secondary only to making a replacement Toyota key. With visible and accessible key code, cutting a Honda replacement key takes only minutes.

Why you should hire a locksmith if you lost your Honda Accord key

Although Honda is extremely helpful for car owners, losing a key requires you to tow your car to the dealership for service.

Hiring a car locksmith to get a replacement key for your Honda is better than towing your car to a nearby Honda dealer, mainly because our locksmith goes to your location and charges less than the dealer.

Honda Car Keys
Honda Car Keys

Honda Accord Replacement Key cost

The first Honda Accord was made on May 7, 1976. That’s almost five decades of technology, each requires similar, yet different, set of skills to make car key replacement.

How much you should pay for a Honda replacement key?

Honda key replacement rates on year and model of your car. The cost of parts, key code, labor, key/ remote programming and travel time are all included when you get an estimate from our locksmiths. The average cost for a Honda replacement key (when all keys are lost) is $167 for transponder keys and $260 for the keyless fobs.


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