Harley Davidson Key Replacement

by Maricopa Lock & Key

Lost Harley Key Replacement

Harley Davidson key replacement can be made by using your bike VIN (Dealer) or on-site, directly by decoding your lock (Locksmith). Which one works for you?

Harley Davidson Keys made in Maricopa 85138 85139

Compare to other motorcycle and car key, Harley Davidson key is one of the best keys to lose. The average cost for a replacement key made by vin is $50 and can be done by most if not all local authorized Harley Dealer.

The Cost

The CostThe cost for a replacement Harley key made by a locksmith is about twice that price, due to the trip charge & on-site parts and labor fees.

Want a quote for your Motorcycle Key Replacement? Get an immediate quote using our online cost calculators.

Motorcycle Locksmith

Can a locksmith make a Harley Davidson key? Yes. Most locksmiths can originate a new key for your bike within minutes. However, it may cost more than purchasing a key from your local Harley dealer, due to the trip charge, labor and parts.

Call Maricopa Lock & Key for an on-site Harley Davidson key replacement. We offer on-site service in Pinal County, AZ.

We offer motorcycle locksmith throughout the valley of the sun. Our services available in The City of Maricopa, Casa Grande and more.

We come to you and make the key on-site, with no downtime or towing. No need to replace the locks either. Let us help you get back on the road in no time!

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