Cost to Rekey Lock at Home

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Why you should hire a locksmith to Rekey your home locks

cost to rekey lock in homeThe need to rekey your home locks arises every once in while. It may be because you’ve just purchased a new home, maybe a tenant who’s moving in/ out or simply because someone beside you has a key to your house.

How much does it cost to Rekey lock at your house and what you need to look for before hiring a locksmith. 

Rekeying your locks in your house normally calculated  based on a trip charge fee and a price per lock cylinder.

You don’t have to work hard In order to find local reputable locksmith near you. In fact, all you got to do is to command your digital assistant find a locksmith near me – and let technology take care of the rest. However, before scheduling a service call, I’ve listed some questions that you need to ask and the reasons why.


Is it cheaper to Rekey or Replace your locks?

Before we answer that question let’s check few factors:

  • How many locks do you have
  • Are they generic or unique brand locks
  • The overall condition of the locks
  • Your personal preference
  • The cost difference between the two options

Learn more about Changing Vs. Rekeying your locks

How much does it cost to rekey locks in home?

The average cost to rekey locks in your house is $75 – $150 for most residential homes with average of 4-8 locks.

You can also use our rekeying locks cost calculator and get a custom quote (FREE – Anonymous form – No personal information needed! Simply tell us how many locks you have and we will let you know what we, as locksmiths, charge for it).

How long does it takes to rekey a house lock

To remove, rekey and re-install a lock on the door takes about 10 minutes.

How many locks will I get when I rekey my house

Different companies has different policies. We normally give 4 keys with each Rekey locks job. Additional keys can be purchased on-site.

Hire This


Ask for a fixed price per lock or a range and make sure that you understand what scenarios can potentially affect your final price.

Avoid This


Is the on-site estimate significantly different than the one given over the phone for no obvious reason, you may want to get a 2nd quote.

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