Changing Vs. Rekeying your Locks

by Maricopa Lock & Key

There are reasons to support either argument and we would like to categorize them by relevancy. 

The best way to make sure no one else besides you has a key to your house is to be the only person with a key to your house.

What times requires you to rekey and when you should change your locks?

Single Lock – Most small apartments and condos usually has one on two locks and it’s better to replacing than rekeying them.

Multiple Locks – For a house with multiple locks, especially if they are mixed brands and styles – rekeying the locks would be better choice.

How much does it cost to rekey a lock

It seems that in the end of 2019, lock companies are less worried about patent their keyways and more about adapting a single protocol that will allow all devices work together in a smart home environment.

However, the variety of locks (Smart key, Smart lock, Commercial, residential or a car door and ignition lock) makes it hard to have a set price to the cost of  rekey. However, we’ve listed some basic questions that guide you to what we would’ve done if we were in your shoes.

Change Locks Vs. Rekey

In many homes, the security door locks and french door locks are often harder to remove and requires some experience. Also, replacement hardware is more expensive than standard hardware, this is why a locksmith will need to travel to your home anyway, and it’s better to just rekey all the locks and not replace some of them. We offer same day service for business owners in The City of Maricopa & Casa Grande, AZ – Key control system: Master key, card system, buzzer/ intercom system.

Rekey Car

Rekeying a car door lock or ignition lock is unique for each car. For specific price about a car rekey you can call us. If you just need to get lost car key replaced, you can use our lost car key price estimate tool. So, changing your locks or rekeying them, which is better? By the end of the day it’s your decision. It’s about functionality, availability, decoration and of-course, cost. As long as you have a working key to your lock, rekeying it will be the preferred method from a locksmith point a view. However, if your locks are old, it may be a good idea to upgrade some or all of them. You can always consult your locksmith on site and learn about more options other than rekey.

Remember that a good lock can last 30 years and more and replacing a good working lock may not be required in order to rekey your home.

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