Car Locksmith Services in Casa Grande, AZ

by Maricopa Lock & Key

Maricopa Lock & Key, trusted by roadside assistance motor clubs and insurance companies, is also offering classic service to our customers.

Hire a Local Automotive Locksmith near you

If you’re car is located in Casa Grande (or anywhere else in our service area) and need a nearby automotive locksmith, give us a call 520.582.5695.

Vehicle Lockout

Locked out? Call us at 520.582.5695 for prompt service.

Car Key Replacement

Get instant quote for a replacement car key made by a local locksmith.

Motorcycle Key

Get instant quote for a replacement motorcycle & scooters keys made. We also provide key extractions and key duplication service.

Rekeying Locks

Enjoy professional rekeying service at your home for only $55 Trip charge fee than $12+ per lock. Get custom quote here.

Maricopa Lock & Key offers the following automotive locksmith services in Casa Grande:

  • Replacement Key (Car Key, Smart Key, Keyless Fob)
  • Program Car Key
  • Program Car Remote/ Smart Key
  • Duplicate Car Key/ Remote/ Smart Key
  • Rekey Car
  • Rekey Ignition
  • Fix Ignition (Key won’t turn/ Vandalized)
  • Repair Car Key (Replacement key shells with cut keys)
  • Emergency Car Lockouts

How much does a Locksmith charges for a New Car Key

The differences today between a locksmith for cars to any other locksmith are small and maybe does not exist anymore, as most locksmiths are now offering car key and car key replacement for most cars. The cost for each car key is different and determined by your vehicle make, year & model.

Locksmith In Casa Grande Az
Car Locksmith In Casa Grande Az

Lost Car Key

We offer lost car key replacement service in Casa Grande. Our mobile locksmith come to you and all job performed on site. So no matter if you’re at the grocery store at N. Pinal or E. Florence, we are always available when you needs a nearby automotive locksmith.

Our car keys made either by vin or by decoding one or more of your vehicle locks. We charge a fee for our services and always aim to be below dealer rates (we’re not even adding towing fee!).

Our car locksmith service in Casa Grande also includes ignition switch repair – don’t forget to check it out if your ignition won’t turn anymore!

Locked Out?

In todays economy everyone is looking for the most cost effective locksmith for cars in Casa Grande. Choosing Maricopa Lock & Key gives you just that! A prompt and cheap locksmith service near you, that can assist unlocking your vehicle safely and economically.

Ignition Repair

A reliable car locksmith can help you with more than just car keys. If you’re ignition won’t turn anymore (i.e. Honda, Toyota, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Lexus, Acura, Mercury, Lincoln) and you refuse to tow your car to the dealership and seek cheaper and maybe perhaps better solution – than our car locksmith service was made just for you!

Why? Because this is who we are and that’s what we do! Our car locksmith service is not about car but about care. We simply care. We care if you can’t turn your key in the ignition and we care if you’re late for work because of that. We care about your time and we care about your car. Our goal is to suggest a solution for you that is not as expensive or as difficult to execute as you would assume. We just need your permission to comets you and fix the ignition switch on site. Hassle free. Give us one hour and cover our fee, and we will get you back on the road. Yep, it’s as simple as that!

Program Car Key

If you recently purchased a keyless fob or a second key for your car online and in need for a reliable locksmith near you that can program car key, Maricopa Lock & Key car locksmith service is available for you during our standard business hours.

You can either bring your car or we can drive to your car, located in Casa Grande (additional fee) and offer key duplication and key programming services.

When hiring a car locksmith make sure that your locksmith is using authorized tools and not aftermarket knockoffs to avoid potential damage to your vehicle computer (ECU).

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