5 Things that will make you feel more secure if you work from home

by Maricopa Lock & Key

In a changing world, many individuals choose to work from home instead of working from the office. Events like world-wide pandemic escalated what will soon become a new standard.

Our home is becoming the center of our social, family and professional life and with that change we’re getting more deliveries and spend longer hours work from home.

Rekey your Locks

One of the most basic services that any locksmith can provide you with us house locks rekey. Rekeying your locks means that no one, besides you, has a working key to your house lock(s). Local locksmiths charges trip charge fee to drive to you and a service fee per lock cylinder rekey.

The other four

Screen doors, also known as security doors, are a great at keeping unwanted people out while letting the fresh air to circulation inside your home.

The backyard gate access should be kept locked using a standard padlock or by modifying the gate and installing a mechanical lock.

Childproof locks and chains on doors can also help preventing unauthorized access to your property.

Constant and consistent communication with the outside world is very important. Make sure to check on your friends and family and appreciate them for doing the same for you. Solidarity goes long way when executed correctly.

Last, smart locks, wi-fi or wired security cameras and hidden nanny cams are great low-cost solution to monitor and protect your home against potential intruders.

Keep a 2nd key for your home or car in a safe place and avoid calling a Locksmith when you’re locked out!

If getting a copy of your car key is not cheap, than losing your only car key will cost way more. Our automotive locksmith specialist state that in many 2013 and later models, losing the only key requires you to purchase, cut & program two keys in order to close the programming cycle. Losing a key can cost you up to $500 while calling a locksmith to get a car key copy cost less.

Residential Locksmith Near Me Maricopa AzResidential Locksmith Near Me Casa Granda Az
Use standard padlock to secure your yard gate.

Service Area

If you’ve already decided to contact a local locksmith and conducted a locksmith near me search online locate a nearby locksmith that’s great! A locksmith is a great resource and can help you install and configure security hardware around your property. In Pinal County, We provide local locksmith service includes Lost Car & Motorcycle key replacement, Commercial & Residential lock rekeying and emergency lockout service (home, office and auto).

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