Door Closer Repair Service

by Maricopa Lock & Key

Old and Leaking door closer can cause your business door to slam hard when closing, or stay open while the wind is blowing outside.

It’s a Liability

Both interior and exterior doors can become a huge liability if the door closer is not operating smoothly. The risk of physical damage to you or for your clients – caused by a faulty door closer – can cost you a lot more than the cost of replacing your leaking door closer.

s not closing properly and becoming a security weak entry point to your business.

Affordable Door Closer Repair Service in Maricopa & Casa Grande

Door closers comes in a variety of styles, sizes and finish options. Each options has a different price. The average door closer replacement cost is $300-$350.

Your final cost can go up if the locksmith need to relocate, remove some framing, electrical or other obstacles. The job site condition and materials may also affect the cost.

Door Closer Repair Service Maricopa Casa Grande Locksmith
Door Closer Repair Service
Door Closer Leaking Oil Fix
Door Closer Leaking Oil Fix

Weather conditions may affect the door closer lifetime, but other reasons as wrong installation, dust, heavy use or misalignment can cause more than just wear and tear to your door closer, but actually damage the door or other door hardware.

Door Closer Repair Service
Door Closer Repair Service

The best way to fix your door closer is by replacing twitch a matching part.
In 9 out of 10 cases, you can choose between an original to an aftermarket part, which helps you reduce the cost of the repair for your door closer.

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